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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Blenheim Primary School,

We are a one form entry Primary school in the middle of the Ramsden Estate in Orpington.  Although the entrance on Blenheim Road is small, our site is like a tardis as we have plenty of space for all our classrooms, an additional Special Needs class and a Nurture room.  We also have a large outside art area, numerous small group areas and a huge field.  The field has large apparatus areas that the children use during their lunch breaks and plenty of grass for PE lessons, matches of various sports including cricket and football, sports day and just for the children to enjoy using.  You are very welcome to come and look around our school to help you decide if it is where you would like your child to learn.

Every child in our school is special.  As we are only a small school, in comparison to many others, we quickly get to know our children and they get to know the staff too.  Every morning they are greeted on the gate, as they come into school, by members of the senior leadership team and one of our Learning Mentors.  This gives you a chance to talk to us too.  At the end of the day children are collected from their classes and you can catch up with the class teacher or teaching assistant on how things have been.  We also hold more formal meetings every term where you can find out about your child's progress, attainment and behaviour in school.  If you wish to meet with me, or any other member of staff, then please just make an appointment through the school office.

In September 2017 Blenheim Primary School became part of Education for the 21st Century Trust (E21C). This was an exciting development that brings with it new opportunities for all members of the Trust including the children, staff and families of Blenheim Primary School. We now have close links with Mottingham and Scotts Park Primary Schools and The Ravensbourne and Eden Park High Secondary Schools.  It is believed that other schools will be joining the Trust in the future, which will only expand upon the chances available to our children.

There have been many changes to primary education in the last few years, including a broader and more comprehensive national curriculum and the removal of levels for the assessment of children at the end of each Key Stage.  Parents are now informed as to whether their children attained the expected standard for their age group.  All our children and staff work incredibly hard to take these changes on board and ensure that all children receive the best education pertinent to their needs.

As the Ofsted report states,

“All members of the school community have a strong determination to do everything possible to break down barriers to learning. As a result standards across the school rose sharply in 2014 and all the evidence shows that this strong picture is being sustained in every year group.”

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We believe that it is important for children to learn in a variety of ways about all kinds of things. Whilst it is vital that children become literate and numerate they also need to know about the creative arts, sport and the sciences. To this end we encourage every class to go out on trips, often using our mini buses, and we invite visitors into school.

At Blenheim Primary we also believe that the school environment is important, both physically and emotionally.  To this end we have a bright, clean and welcoming school that we keep well decorated. Display boards are visually engaging to support children in their learning and to celebrate their achievements and the school grounds are well tended, including our vegetable patches which the children help care for, learn how to grow things and then get to eat the fruits of their labours. 

We know that children learn better and engage more in school when they are happy and secure and we try our best to make lessons enjoyable and engaging.  For children who may have emotional difficulties at times, as we all do, we have our Nurture Room where Mrs Wood is always on hand to support and encourage the children.  All the children love going into her room, particularly when Gunner, the reading dog, is visiting.  Mrs Wood also runs lunch time and after school clubs to build self esteem and develop social skills.  Miss Chapman also runs a lunchtime friendship club for children who may find the long lunch period a little challenging.  Some of the craft that the children produce is amazing.

We also run breakfast club every morning from 8am.  The children enjoy a choice of cereals, fruit juices and toast with a variety of toppings.  The cost is £1 a day or £5 for the week with a reduction if more than one child per family attends.  The children play, mix with their friends and have a story session.  There is no need to book in advance, just turn up on the day.  You may want to take advantage of this on a daily basis or just occasionally.

Our after school clubs are for the enrichment and enjoyment of the children and range from a variety of sports clubs, art and crafts, gardening etc.  Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we are unable to offer a child-minding after school club as this would mean we could not offer our other clubs which are available to all our children.  However, we are hoping that we will be able to work with Bromley Children's Project and the local churches to develop such a club in the future.

We believe that all children should be encouraged and nurtured and Blenheim Primary is very good at this, particularly for those children with special educational needs.  To give children who may need it some additional support, we follow a highly differentiated curriculum, run many intervention groups, have an additional Rainbow class and track and monitor every child's progress very closely.  This year we have also developed lunchtime clubs for children who show a particular aptitude in areas such as maths, art, science, reading and writing.  Children are invited to join a club to develop their natural talents. 

School trips are also very important at Blenheim and in the past eighteen months our children have visited a whole range of places such as HMS Belfast, Chislehurst caves, Down House, The Royal Observatory, Chiddingstone Castle and Hornimans Museum.  A number of trips have already been booked for the rest of this year.  We also take part in sports competitions against other schools involving cricket, gymnastics, football, rugby and boxing.  At Christmas, our choir sang to a group of elderly  people and each year we contribute to the Cray's Concert.  We also encourage our children to think of others less fortunate than themselves by supporting various charities such as Macmillan Coffee morning, Red Nose Day, Jeans for Genes and Children in Need. We regularly have the vicar from our local church and Spinnaker (a voluntary Christian organisation) into school to take whole school assemblies which are very interactive and the children thoroughly enjoy them. Throughout the year each class presents an assembly to their parents to demonstrate all that they have been learning in school.

I know it is important that all children are well prepared for their future role in society. My aim is that during their time at our school all your children develop enquiring minds and a love of learning that stays with them forever. I also hope that they all feel safe, secure and nurtured and know that we all care about developing the whole child and not just their academic side. If you have any concerns about how your child is developing then please arrange to meet with me or my Head of School, Ms Koza, Mrs Hagues, our Family Worker or Mrs Wood, our Learning Mentor.

I passionately believe that a good education is the route that opens up choices and possibilities for children. This can only be achieved through first rate teaching and support. To this end, all staff are dedicated and committed to doing the best they can for your children and we ask that you support us as much as possible too. Please encourage your children to read every day at home, practice their times tables and their spellings and work hard on their maths passports. If you have any queries as to how you can support with any of these, then please speak to your child’s class teacher, who will be happy to help you.  We also run regular workshops to show you how you an support your children at home.  Please keep an eye open for these as they are advertised in our weekly newsletters.

Thank you for your support and I hope we will continue to work together so that Blenheim Primary continues to develop and be the best school your children could attend.

Mrs Lynda Doel
Executive Head teacher